Facilities & Services Offered

Our products are constantly being approved by the agencies and all the boats built in our workshop strictly follow the rules laid down as per
Indian Register of Shipping (IRS)

Turnkey Solutions

We undertake Turnkey Projects in floating technology applications for various sectors such as Waterways, Irrigation, Thermal, Oil & Gas, Tourism, Defence & Development of Marine Infrastructure.

Ship Building

We undertake ship building at our Uluberia Yard. Our yards is equipped with modular skids to undertake pre-fabricated block building. Convenient material handling facilities are also available. We also have approved welders from International association of Classification Society for SMAW, MIG & TIG Welding in Steel as well as Aluminium.


The Shipyard is well equipped for Marine Repair Work as well as its new vessel construction division. Maintenance and Repairs can be conducted in water in the wet berth or by hauling out on our Marine slipway. This provides clients with a flexibility to optimise our services as an operational support facility.

Aluminium welding

Our expert staff are experienced welders and are able to provide a fix to any issues you may face with your aluminium vessel. By Welding the joints of your boats you can improve the life of them drastically. By heating the Aluminium to high temperatures Cleghorn are able to remove dents and other imperfections in the metal.

Load Testing

Cleghorn provides an A-to-Z solution for your proof load testing needs. Our experience built up over years gives us the insightful courage to imagine and realise the best services and products for you. Cleghorn products are designed and improved constantly with the feedback that we receive from our clients and technical team.

Boat Painting

The investment made by Cleghorn ensures the preparation areas and the dedicated oven gives the best environment to produce first class paint finishes using filtered air to create as much of a dust free atmosphere. We continually invest in to ensure it produces the results that exceed our client’s expectations.

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